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A significant discourse on philosophy

What a random song and dance,
oh what a funny twist---
that underneath my frock and pants
would lurk the balls of Rosencrantz
just looking for a Guildenstern
to pummel with his fist.
It is a lesson hard to learn---
specifically, not to stew and burn---
or else you will end up quite pissed.
Yes, existential misery
is quite an albatross, you see,
a bag of bricks for you and me.


What exactly is the truth? If you read it you will get the point as well as if you didn't read it. Circular reasoning? Perhaps. But Descartes, Schopenhauer, Spinoza, McLaughlin, Peterborough, Yohannison-Elfsen---they were all girded by circularity of logic. And, logically, they were circular. See?

Too bad we all remember we exist. Is it the emotions? Or is it the memory which drags us down? Argueably we are the one creature that uses memory to its detriment. We just cannot let go of things. Once in that cauldron of memories, we stir and stir until finally some bubbling thick tortuous smelling potion is ready to unleash on unsuspecting fellow beings.


1) There is work to be done but it is hard to summon the energy to do so when one has so many trivial cares over which to obsess.
2) There is nothing to be done but sacrifice all happiness and stability for a neurotic ambivalence toward every decision with which life presents one.
3) There is much to be done with the words of the beautiful and famous; after all, they are better people and they probably have better sex.
4) There is fun to be done under the sun but no one will get off his/her ass to do it---just do it, already.
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