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My Dearest Casey

********[In Progress - Not Complete]********
Dear Casey,

I have been trying to figure out what is wrong right now, and I think that I am beginning to understand.

You are doing fair to good in school (but could be doing much better).
You are doing good at remembering to pick up after yourself.
You are doing fair at continually doing chores (you "forget" most days)
You are doing poorly at showing genuine consideration for others.
You are failing at keeping my confidence and trust.

That last one is the most important issue right now.

You wanted to be treated like an adult.
You wanted to be motivated to go to school and learn.
You wanted to learn how to live on your own.
You wanted to have a better life and go farther than the rest of your friends.

As I have told you for two months now, you need to "Do What You Say". In everything you do you go a little over the line, or totally disregard and blow off things. You "say" you will be more conscientious about chores, that lasts for a day. You "say" you will put money in your savings account, but not even one dollar stays there. You "say" you like school and are enjoying learning, but then say different things to your friends. You "say" you will clean up after yourself, and in many things you are, but you still ignore things you don't want to do (living room). You "say" you will be home at a certain time, but come home hours later. You "say" you will catch up on your sleep, and then stay up until 2 or 3 every night. You "say" you will get up without a problem, and then bite my head off when I wake you up. You "say" you want a quiet house, then invite visitors over. You "say" you are respectful, and then constantly interrupt and talk over people.

Whenever I question you about anything, you say "I was planning to do that" or "I thought about ... but forgot" or avoid the issue and just say you "want" something.

More than half of your sentences start with "I want ..." or "I really hate ..." or "I'm [hot/cold/hungry/bored/nic'ing/]," expecting someone else to do something about it or put up with your solution.

I know you say you are trying to do a lot of things, but... I can hear you say you are trying, but I do not "believe" anymore that it is not just for show. You are doing the minimum that you possibly can (and make that less and less as time goes on) to keep me somewhat off your back. You have started avoiding talking to me about things that you know need to be dealt with.

I do not see any actions that are telling me that you are really sincere in what you say. You need to start doing what you say.

You expect me to keep with my word, why is it that I should not expect that of you?
You expect me to do a lot of work to "take care of" and "work around" you.

I expect you to start being true to your word or expect me to start not being true to mine.
Why should I not expect you to do a lot of work to take care of yourself?

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