Lone Strawberry (enigmatism) wrote,
Lone Strawberry

Introduction to the New Enigmatism Journal

This is the journal of a man-boy-enigma who moved from Los Angeles to Walla Walla to remake his life. It is all the things that went into that process: Trials, tribulations and the pain of change and self-realization. Its dark and dank and full of all the things that make the world a dreadfull place. It's a very personal, very tormented journey through my life since LA. It's something that I needed to do. It's my life and I'm stuck with the reality of it.

My other journals, my-diary.org (Enigmatism) and blog.com (Eating an Everlasting Blogstopper) and my paper journal are coming together here at livejournal.com now that I can get an account.

It is a work in progress and right now its too fragmented to make any sense of. So don't try!!!!
Hey, why do you think I am doing this? Trying to make sense of it all.

For those of you who are friends, welcome but beware. I've been called me both tactfull and tactless -- yes, I can be blunt and I might talk about you. Sorry. Life is life and I have my own opinion of it. If you are my friend, then you always will be. So fuck the worrying and stressing and rightous indignation.

Incidentally, I took the mood of "quixotic" off because it moved things down too far.

Jay, if you accidentally come across this, I love you and there's a lot of stuff in here about you and you will have to decide if you want to read. Talk to me before you do, though.

Love, --eric
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